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AirAsia (India) Limited ("AAI”) one the leading low cost airline in India with operations to Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Pune, Goa, Kochi, Vishakapatnam, Guwahati and Imphal.

Cargo revenue for AAI is a significant focus area with increased frequency, capacity and presence to newer markets we are now looking to partner with a General Sales Agency on a fixed revenue per aircraft model for the next twelve (12) months.  AAI is on a significant expansion mode and intends to the increase the current capacity of eight (8) aircraft to twenty (20) aircraft.

Therefore, proposals are inviting from General Sales Cargo Agents ("GSA”) who meet the following criteria;

  1. GSA to have minimum five (5) years of experience in general cargo sales within India territory;
  2. GSA to provide AirAsia with a fixed figure bank guarantee
  3. Experience of working with domestic and international airlines at various airport across India; and
  4. Should in compliance of all applicable laws and regulations regarding its operations including its manpower.

The commercial construct between the GSA and AAI shall be on a fixed pay out per aircraft model with an additional increase for every new aircraft inducted in the year until a fixed tonnage limit. For cargo uplifted over and above the tonnage limit, the same shall be on a revenue share between the GSA and AAI.

The reserve price for the RFP is minimum guarantee amount ("MGA”) of Rupees Seventy Lacs Only                     (INR 70,00,000/-) per aircraft per month. The MGA to increase with each additional aircraft inducted with AAI.

AAI is vigilant on complete operational, security and safety related aspects concerning cargo uplifted on the aircraft. Any instance of cargo causing damage to the aircraft, compromise on flight safety will result in a financial penalty and termination of the agreement.

Proposal submissions and evaluation:

The Proposal in response to this RFP should include:

1.      1. Brief background of your organization;

2.      2.  Relevant experience on this type of request for proposal;

3.      3.  Reporting Requirements or SLAs;

4.      4.  Audited Financials for last two years, if requested by AAI; and

5.      5.  Duly completed and stamped RFP form.


RFP form and flight information is available from,, and  


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Disclaimer: If there is any conflict or discrepancy between the English text of terms and conditions of this Agreement and any translation thereof, the English text shall prevail.