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Cargo Terms

  • The following cargo is not to be accepted for carriage in the aircraft:
    1. Dangerous Goods
    2. Live Stock
    3. Human Remains
    4. Any piece cargo exceeding 85 kilogram in weight or exceeding 140 cm (width) x 70 cm (length) x 70 cm (height) in dimensions. (Applicable for carriage on A320 aircraft)
  • Perishable goods such as flowers, fruits and vegetables are accepted subject to proper packaging which is leak proof. Other perishables that are not damaging to the aircraft floor may be considered subject to AIRASIA’s prior written approval.
  • Details are to be defined during the mobilization phase and established as the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • All cargo must be delivered to the aircraft one (1) hour prior to Standard Time of Departure (STD).
  • All AIRASIA cargo policies and operating procedures detailed in the AIRASIA Cargo Manual must be strictly adhered to. Any deviations must be obtained from the relevant AIRASIA authority(ies).

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